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The Big Legal Lesson 2024


The Big Legal Lesson is back between 11-22nd March 2024.

The law is a vital part of our democratic society. Understanding how it works is therefore essential to being an active and engaged citizen.

We firmly believe that every young person should have the opportunity to learn about the legal justice system and how it affects their lives whilst at school.

Join our national campaign to start a conversation about the law in your classroom! Download the resources here:


What is The Big Legal Lesson?

From the youngest students at primary school to post-16 students, The Big Legal Lesson provides teachers with the tools they need to confidently introduce the law into their classrooms.

Since 2020, thousands of teachers have registered to take part, reaching over 150,000 young people. This makes it the largest public legal education campaign of its kind.

Last year, 96% of teachers said that it allowed their students to better understand the rule of law and how it applies to their lives. 92% of teachers said they’d recommend it to a colleague.


By taking part, you’ll get access to:

  • An age-appropriate 15-minute legal taster activity exploring how we all interact with the law every single day.
  • An age-appropriate lesson plan exploring what the law is, who has the power to change the law and how these changes affect the lives of you and your students.
  • A media support pack full of sample social media posts, branded graphics, press releases and more.


Download the resources here!

Start date: 11th March 2024 09:00
End Date: 22nd March 2024 18:00
Location: Your classroom